Somebody Up There Loves Me  –  Stalley

Somebody Up There Loves Me – Stalley

Somebody Up There Loves Me – Stalley
?01. Red Light
?02. Bakery
?03. Dilla Bap
?04. Essentials
?05. King Of The Ocean
?06. Stal Where You Been ft. ?Ania Hoo
?07. Reposado Stories
?08. Bear Trap (They Fear Me)
?09. The Spoils
?10. Escape From Here
?11. Fresh Linen
This album is like a magic trick, the combination of smooth, almost excruciatingly melodic instrumentals matched with Stalley’s sedated flow should put you to sleep, but it doesn’t. You get the feeling that he’s not flexing, just telling you how it is. The whole joint is a lazy wave crashing on the struggles of the street. Not super technical, but that’s okay. Stalley makes it easy to follow along and still gets the rhymes in there. Sort of like a slowed down Nas. He often keeps everything really vague which allows the listener to relate in their own way, more on an emotional level than the specifics of his story. This is cool but sometimes I want a more vivid picture painted. Give this a spin on your Hi-Fi system or some nice headphones to get the whole picture.
7/10 – Euphonic

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