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Overcomer – Genra

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Overcomer – Genra
🔥01. Ride the Waves f. Pheelgood
🌊02. Crazy
👍🏾03. Joe Pesc
🌊04. Roses f. The Crushboys
🌊05. Day Ones
🔥06. Out the Window
🔥07. Safe Got the Loot
🌊08. Del Funk
🔥09. What You Want
🌊10. Rise Up f. Octavia Petrut & Donnie Willams
🌊11. Leaving
Project is a vibe, any of this songs would’ve hit on one of the better Tony Hawk Games or Dave Mirra’s BMX (RIP). Hes here to just rap, tho I think hes styling I don’t think his goal was to shit on rappers or show you how dope he was on purpose. Flows, bars, the content, the nostalgia, and the overall good feel of it all is undeniable. This what I like to call Diary raps, hes venting, and getting some shit off his chest on like 90% of this and it really brought me into his story, like I feel like we would have the dopest conversation if we ever linked but I also feel like if too many people are around hes not talking too much. The production couldn’t fit his vibe more and the chemistry hits. Features were all guests and never broke the energy of this. All around this is dope, and I feel like as much as people need to hear it, he needed to get it out. In rotation.
7.3/10 – John D.
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