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Just Being Frank – Nitti iiCe

Just Being Frank – Nitti iiCe
Just Being Frank – Nitti iiCe
🔥1. Minding My Own Feat. Andrew Daniell
🔥2. Look Where We At Feat. Handsome Hype
🔥3. Clockin In Feat. Killa YHM
🔥4. OMO Feat. (🚒) YNG Mizzle
🌊5. Never Settle Feat. Dro YHM
This album is had nothing but bangers! It sounded like a expertly crafted album that never let up in keeping you engaged. The production complimented his delivery and raps. The pacing was solid although after that 4th track it didn’t really match the energy of what shoulda came next after “OMO”, but I was still a dope track that I could hear later on on the project if it was longer. That being said, I wish this project was a tad bit longer because it left me wanting more. That might have been the plan tho and maybe he’s gearing up for a longer LP. We shall see. I can tell it would sound dope live cause this track list is solid for a show. Definitely peep this one out. In rotation.
8.5/10 – RecklessDWR
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