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Third Side Eye – Blonju

Third Side Eye – Blonju
Third Side Eye – Blonju
👍🏾01. The Invisible Boy
🔥02. Beginning of the End
🚒03. The Space Children f. High Sunday & Daphya
🔥04. Forbidden Planet
🚒05. Brain Eaters f. Cory Gunz
🌊06. The Man Who Could Cheat Death
🌊07. Unknown Terror
🔥08. Killers From Space f. Jae the Lyoness
🔥09. From Hell It Came
🔥10. Day the World Ended
🔥11. Not of this Earth f. Backbone
🆗12. Lost Continent f. Save Roth
This is not a shot at any of these emcees they both high tier dope but highkey if Chris Webby runs off cane sugar, Blonju is the sip whiskey and microdose version of that man. This has all the smoothness, dude can really really rap, from flows, to content to structure, even hooks, he does it all you can tell the amount of love involved even in the mix. Then you have the production, everything outside of the opening more emotional movie intro type beat and the space trap closing beat was super dope, very unique, and had all sorts of different flavors of bounce. Stuff that alternative fans could rock with and old school hip hoppers would fuck with heavy. Features all showed up, the way they showed up shows how much respect they have for him. Put all these elements together and you have a dope album, very true to him and his theme. All the classic movie gems and throwback track titles and such are a nice bonus too. In rotation.
8.3/10 – John D.
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