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Exile EP – Kalonji

Exile EP – Kalonji
Exile EP – Kalonji
🌊1. Cold World
🌊2. No Days Off
🔥3. 45
🌊4. Man Kind
🔥5. Bedroom Freestyle
🌊6. Elevate
Project is a smooth lil 6 piece with some solid sides and extra oxtail gravy, even if you got yelled at for asking for more of it. Not mad at it, you got what I assume is a new age take on Reggae. I was here for it, its all very much so made to make you dance and sing in public. All very solid enough to throw some bills around or even do a split while vacuuming your house. Its fun, its straight to the point, theres some nice variety and it honestly feels very familiar, like we’ve heard these songs before but maybe in a different life or at a different age. Need more music to just vibe too, and this gets a bit better if you dive into what hes talking about but the delivery alone is enough to follow. In rotation.
7/10 – John D.
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