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🔥01. Take It Back
🌊02. RZA
🔥03. Gold Teeth
🔥04. Big Pussy
🌊05. All That
👍🏾06. (Back From The) Road
🆗07. Basement
👎🏾08. Southside
🌊09. Good Time
🔥10. 37th
🌊11. Boyband
🌊12. Any Way You Want Me
🔥13. The Family
🌊14. Prayer
🌊15. My American Life
🔥16. The Ending
🔥17. Brockhampton
Project has a bunch to unpack. Before I get into that just understand this is some of the best, most refreshingly unique and soulful production i’ve heard in a minute. All of it moved me, regardless of what was going on via the emcee. It was genre bending, touching up on some old school elements, just being whatever it wanted and that alone is a reason to bump this. The raps were very straight to the point, allot of venting on here from this being a quick drop to drop the label but also talking about whatever group politics they’ve been going through leading to the breakup. It was a rollercoaster for sure, one that I enjoyed mostly. Backstory aside its good music all around. In rotation.
7.5/10 – John D.
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