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This is What I Mean – Stormzy

This is What I Mean – Stormzy
This is What I Mean – Stormzy
🚒01. Fire + Water
🌊02. This Is What I Mean
🔥03. Firebabe
🔥04. Please
🔥05. Need You
🔥06. Hide & Seek
🔥07. My Presidents Are Black
🚒08. Sampha’s Plea
🔥09. Holy Spirit
🔥10. Bad Blood
🔥11. I Got My Smile Back
🚒12. Give It To The Water
Project is amazing. The music is beautiful, from the raps, to the singing all of it just hits different. I lowkey lean more towards the singing side but that is no disrespect to the rap and more international side of the music. It had me bopping, had me feeling about as empowered as women in maternity shoots, but also had me feeling a bit melancholy. It was all on this one, he touched on allot of real things and shout out to keeping the songs long if they needed it and not just to waste peoples time. Not a single bit of this felt like a waste. Accent and all regardless of how you feel about it, he puts allot into this and it is undeniable. In rotation.
9.5/10 – John D.
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