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O.S.L.O – El Gant

O.S.L.O – El Gant
O.S.L.O – El Gant
🚒01. Roar the Lions f. DJ Grazzhoppa
🔥02. Pageants f. Ras Kass
🚒03. Leave It Alone f. DJ Premier
🔥04. Aladdin f. H3ro
🔥05. Rubber Match
🚒06. Eagle Talents f. Phase One & Bobby J From Rockaway
🔥07. Chromed Out f. Ras Kass & Planet Asia
🌊08. Nothing to Lose f. Killah Priest
🚒09. Avirex f. Innocent? & King Magnetic
🌊10. Beautiful Disaster f. Georgette
Project just punched me in the face with raps. This that I was angry in the golden era and im angrier now type energy. This is about as Hip-Hop as it can get, do not confuse this for RAP. From the beats to the features, to all the punchlines, the raps, even the white lady hook songs that Eminem birthed is on here. I was invested from the beginning to the end. With each song that finished I started to realize my hoody going further up on my head and up in size. If you a fan of that old school gritty type energy this here is what you wanted the progression of hip hop to sound like, if you are not then this quality wise will sound fresh but it might be lacking on the drool and drugs. Project is very dope. In rotation.
9.2/10 – John D.
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