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So Inspirational – Flight

So Inspirational – Flight
So Inspirational – Flight
🚮1. Glitch In The Matrix
👎🏾2. NFL Street Freestyle
🚛3. Nbs
👎🏾4. Made Me Happy Made Me Smile
👍🏾5. Like a Meal
👎🏾6. Wave Cheque
🚮7. Jerry Springer Freestyle
🚛8. Dumb
I think we need to start giving people a full on quiz or test before allowing them to release music, just to gauge they intelligence, like SAT’s for rappers. I know he can read because I can hear him reading his lyrics off his phone on every track but there are some other things im worried about. Project is called so inspirational, has the art as him progressing from young Saiyan to pretty much Broly but when you listen to it its honestly about cheating on his girl, risking random pregnancies, being worth 8 figures, being hood and belligerent, then completely insulting people and making sure your waves are clean over some kids bop ass beats. This not the wholesome, kinda slow flight that these kids all follow, if it is, start monitoring your kids accounts. Throw this in the trash but with the paper plate on top because on youtube he seems like a nice person and I don’t want to hurt his feelings.
0.2/10 – John D.
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