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The Realness II – Cormega

The Realness II – Cormega
The Realness II – Cormega
🔥01. Once and For All
💎02. Her Name
🚒03. Glorious f. Nas
🌊04. The Saga Resumes
🌊05. What’s Understood
🔥06. Life and Rhymes
🔥07. Grand Scheme f. Lloyd Banks
🌊08. White Roses
🔥09. Essential
🚒10. This Life of Ours
🗣11. Age of Wisdom
🔥12. Paradise f. Havoc
🔥13. Man Vs Myth
I am gonna start this by saying all you hip hop heads, purists and enthusiasts should be ashamed of yourselves for not once ever mentioning this one to us. I had this in the tuck for weeks and nothing not a peep. Most elder releases prove hip hop isn’t dead, which is what we need but this not only shows us that it is not dead but also shows us why its dying. This is a masterclass, even if some of you don’t like the slower more old school flow pattern and tempo, he is giving you more knowledge and game then we even deserve. The production has that maturity to it too, and the features, legends bring that grown energy as well. If you are over 30 this project will make you nostalgic but also make you want to read more or recommend those that don’t books, if you are under 30 this project just told you to get off of its lawn. In heavy rotation.
9.3/10 – John D.
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