Larger Than Life – Brent Faiyaz

Larger Than Life – Brent Faiyaz

Larger Than Life – Brent Faiyaz

????01. Tim’s Intro

????02. Last One Left f. Missy Elliott & Lil Gray

????03. Forever Yours

????04. Best Time

☠️05. Big Mad Skit f. Princess Cro & Flee

????06. Moment of Your Life f. Coco Jones

????07. Outside All Night f. A$AP Rocky & N3WYRKLA

????08. Wherever I Go

????09. Upset f. Tommy Richman & FELIX!

????10. On This SIde f. A$AP ANT & CruddyMurda

????11. Dawged Em Skit f. TTM Dawg

????12. Belong to You f. Babyface Ray

????13. WY@

????14. Pistachios

This project was made to protect that old school R&B sound the way 90’s babies are trying to protect that same haircut they been rocking since the 90’s. I can hear everything that went into this from the homage, to the specific features, and the most obvious being the toxic content sang in a very beautiful fashion. You got toxic but very real content, great melodies, hooks and all the nostalgic production. Features were fun, they added nice twists to really either set home the nostalgia or bring it into the modern day sound without skipping a beat. Its a slow burn for the most part but more along the lines of a slow burning great smelling candle during a long night of adult activities. This for dudes that moisturize, and upkeep solely to be a silent enemy to females. In rotation.

Project: 8.5/10 || Art: 9/10 – John D.

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