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Elcamino 3 – Elcamino

Elcamino 3 – Elcamino
Elcamino 3 – Elcamino
🔥01. Block Work Feat. A$AP Ant
🔥02. Money In The Mattress Feat. 38 Spesh & Harry Fraud
🔥03. Trench Bap Feat. Loveboat Luciano
🌊04. New Hope Feat. Jay Worthy
👍🏼05. Target
🚒06. Envy Feat. King Ralph
👍🏼07. Sex and Murder Feat. (🔥) Nellé
🔥08. Ghost Dini
🌊09. Soul Brother
This album hella dope. Elcamino was talking nice, the production was top notch, and the features were solid. If you fuck with bars then this album is for you. And by having it be a short 9 track album, the pacing was great and don’t drag. This album knew what it wanted to do and it executed it very well. It’s that grimy New York sound what’s not to love? In rotation.
8.5/10 – RecklessDWR
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