Two Piece – Napoleon Da Legend

Two Piece – Napoleon Da Legend


Two Piece – Napoleon Da Legend
?01. White Beard
?02. Luffy
?03. Dragon f. Dj Tmb
?04. Trafalgar Law
?05. Shanks f. Nejma Nefertiti
?06. Gol D. Rogers
?07. Kaido
?08. God Usopp
?09. Soul King
?10. Ace
?11. Katakuri
?12. Zoro
?13. Nico Robin
?14. Binks Sake
Dude can do no wrong. At this point everything he drops is a classic even when its based off a classic. From DBZ to One Piece both of these fit as themes for him because they are both Goated and still going strong. It matches his work ethic, and even if new fans of anime wont recognize it, the old know. Its just about them realizing the old is back or if they are too old to want to hear anything new. Dude can rap, subject matter is heat, not only is it filled with gems, it has a bunch of references and treats added. His voice and flow is top tier, the beats and flips on here are dope and will get you hyped, the pacing is dope, the song titles, quality and all. At this point he deserves a gift every year from hip hop for fathers day but probably wont because fathers go unappreciated for the most part. If you old, or like anime, or both, or love hip hop, or strictly boombap or all of the above I promise you this one is for you. In rotation.
9/10 – John D.


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