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Freelance: Charlie – Ben Reilly

Freelance: Charlie – Ben Reilly
Freelance: Charlie – Ben Reilly
🌊01. No Strings: My Window
🔥02. Agenda
🔥03. Charlie Charlie Feat. Nico Porter
🌊04. Free.99
🔥 05. No Strings: Felt The Rush Feat. Abstract Media & Luke Royal
🔥06. Clipped
🚒07. Brand New Free
🔥08. Sonar 2 Feat. Kapwani
🚒09. No Strings: Look Out Below
🔥10. Leave Feat. Abstract Media & Miseye
This is the album that Kendrick shoulda dropped! It’s an impeccable piece of work. From the production, features, subject matter, everything about it is just amazing. Even the man himself sounds like Kendrick like highkey! If you show this to somebody and say it’s Kendrick, they’ll believe you. Sounds dead on like him. Like a Section 80 kinda Kendrick. I highly recommend you check it out. It’s really cohesive, and you’ll find a lot to really enjoy about this project. In rotation, check it out.
8.5/10 – RecklessDWR

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