Too Hard to Love – Scotty Beamin 860

Too Hard to Love – Scotty Beamin 860


Too Hard to Love – Scotty Beamin 860
??01. Skin in the Game
?02. Funeral for Friends
?03. Murder One
?04. We Ridin Slower (Ridin’ Slow Remastered Version)
?05. The Drako f. Kieth Sirjay
??06. What I Like f. Sean Orlando & Nasty Nellz
?07. Buy-$exual f. Da God Amun Ra
??08. Sandy Shores f. Delroy Scott Jr.
??09. Born to be Kings f. Black Phonze & Bypolar
?10. Soul-Tie
?11. We Outside f. Black Phonze & Younga Baby
?12. S. N. S. (Side N***a Shit)
?13. Hunnit Shots (F**k All the Soft Shit)
?14. Almost Broken
?15. I Popped the Locks f. Luxury Rose [(bonus) Popped Locks remastered version]
Project is solid. Honestly he has all the elements to put out a great project. This one is solid but only because its missing those little things that come with a bit of money and delay the hell out of your project, like more executive producing, some outside ears, the endless amount of tweaking that comes with perfectionism and a slightly better mix. Dude can rap, and he was out here doing that, talking nice too, some dope stories, all giving a good message through lines and skits. Features were solid for the most part, they came with the same energy as him. This one could use a few better hooks, erase that like new age attempt track, add a couple more of those slow type tracks like SNS and then just start perfecting everything that was done already this could easily be great. That voice double could have been used less often. Not bad tho, throw this on a couple times.
6.8/10 – John D.


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