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Self Explanatory – Ne-Yo

Self Explanatory – Ne-Yo
Self Explanatory – Ne-Yo
🆗01.Layin’ Low f. Zae France
🔥02. You Got The Body
👎🏿03. After Party
🆗04. Handle Me Gently
👍🏿05. Don’t Love Me
🌊06. U 2 Luv f. Jeremiah
🔥07. Push Up f. Trippie Redd
🌊08. Proud of You
👎🏿09. Call Me Up
🌊10. What If
👍🏿11. Want It All or Nothing
🆗12. No Loot
🌊13. Stay Down f. BLEU
Can’t even lie, I kind of enjoyed this. Like it wasn’t something that had no skips, but it was a pretty enjoyable listen and definitely had at least two of them that I’m coming back to. And surprisingly the only feature I cared for was Trippie Redd and I actually was looking at the track list like why is he on there 😂. Then I was quickly proven exactly why because that ended up being my favorite track. Other than that, as a full idea I wish Ne-yo’s writing was a little bit more intricate cause I felt like some of these tracks were giveaways writing wise, like a ghost writ for another artist but couldn’t sell them type deal. Nonetheless solid project.
7/10 – T.R.3
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