Sorry 4 Tha Wait II – Bino Rideaux

Sorry 4 Tha Wait II – Bino Rideaux


Sorry 4 Tha Wait II – Bino Rideaux
?01. Intro
?02. Lemme Find Out f. Roddy Ricch
?03. If U Ever
?04. Best Friend
?05. Dej’s Interlude
?06. Knoccout
?07. Hot Shit f. Coot Corleone
??08. Heartless f. Drakeo the Ruler
?09. Outta Line f. Ty Dolla $ign
??10. Cartier
?11. Baccarat
?12. Feeling Yourself f. Kalan.FrFr
??13. Tied to Me
This one is very smooth. Downside for me was its all very similar so by track 10 I felt like I was on track 20. It dragged, and its not bad music but it needed allot of contrast to just break things up, but that being said the music is solid. Clean sonics, industry typical words and what not but on a higher level of catchiness. Features were solid for the most part enough to keep it going but not really go crazy. Not bad tho, I would’ve loved this more if it was 2 EP’s but one project its just a whole lot of new age R&B that doesn’t really try to be better. Its like each song was made for 1 reason and thats to be a radio track and thats it, rinse and repeat. Solid tho, in rotation.
6.8/10 – John D.


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