Clay – Clay “Krucial” Perry III

Clay – Clay “Krucial” Perry III


Clay – Clay “Krucial” Perry III
??01. Karma f. BIG30
??02. Roses
?03. B!tch
?04. Stuck
?05. Wafi f. G Herbo
??06. Mr. Anderson
?07. ATM
??08. Gangsta
?09. Leave Me
??10. Done Did f. Tay Keith
He has definitely locked down on the melodic agro thug sound and agro thug R&B type new age sound, its super clean and sonically nothing I would’ve rushed to turn off. All the autotune, industry words, vibey hooks and filler verses you could need, even some bland ass features to add a chalky contrast. That being said, it also never got itself out of that generic cookie cutter sound and bag. The fact that this was on top of the new release list meant hes either an industry plant or the other names that dropped are struggling, I use the word names with a grain of salt. Its 10 very similar tracks you have probably heard before, quality is clean but I can’t see this getting another spin out of me on purpose. I can see some being OK with it but I am going to pass.
4.5/10 – John D.


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