Had To Hustle – Cherp

Had To Hustle – Cherp


Had To Hustle – Cherp
?01. Had To Hustle
?02. Sip Dick
?03. Stevie Wonder
?04. Can’t Say No f. A’Don
?05. Crabs in a Barrel f. Tee Melly & Atiyah
?06. OH f. Aryee The Gem
?07. No BunkBeds
?08. Devil was an Angel
?09. Corner Survivor
?10. Streets Don’t Love You f. Atiyah
?11. Dir. By Martin Scorsese
??12. On The Floor f. Mariahlynn
Project should have a must be over 200lbs to listen advisory. This project can only be felt by people who have been punched dead center of they chest before. This shit hit, its street stories, delivered in the most frustrated, heavy voiced cadence you will hear out right now. He sound like he hit the booth mid nagging BM and “the baby’s crying” episode at his crib. All the raps, the dopest samples and just beats in general, the features all absolutely added that extra you did not know you needed to these tracks, all but the last track, idk how it got snuck on here. Pacing is dope, quality is clean. This is just one of those ones, street cats need this balanced evil with the real type shit to wash out the straight evil or too honest type raps we usually get. In rotation.
8.4/10 – John D.


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