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C – Canibus & Pete Rock

C – Canibus & Pete Rock
C – Canibus & Pete Rock
👎🏾1. Princibly This
👍🏾2. Princibly This (Instrumental)
🆗3. Poet’s Palaquin
👍🏾4. Poet’s Palaquin (Instrumental)
🌊5. Concourse P f. Bronze Nazareth [Remix]
👎🏾6. Princibly This (Acapella)
🆗7. Poet’s Palaquin (Acapella)
Took Canibus 2 songs to get almost comfortable. Once he got to 3 it went from 30 pages of rhymes in this bitch, to ok maybe he can still rap. The features carried him like Crazy Legs after getting shot. Pete did what he had to I guess, kinda like the homie hookup, if its even his production since hes denying it publicly. This just didnt hit, like listening to a podcast hosted by someone who thinks they are smarter than you. The amount of shit he spitting is overwhelming, even if you semi intelligent you start to feel like he sacrificed smoothness and flows to preach and use big words. Its bad the delivery needed way more finesse and less WWE of rap. Pass on this one, just pretend it doesnt even exist, like Pete Rock is currently doing.
4/10 – John D.
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