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Be Safe – BHCG

Be Safe – BHCG
Be Safe – BHCG
🔥01. FYF
🌊02. Murderers Row
🔥03. NY 2 Cali
🌊04. 2 Dimes Short
🌊05. Y.O.U.
🌊06. Good Life
🌊07. Baby
🔥08. Promise Land
🌊09. Family
🔥10. Bruce Smith Warren Sapp
🔥11. Scary Hours
🔥12. Be Safe
This that old head rap shit i been waiting for. I know for a fact every nigga on here own a poster or copy of scarface on VHS. They rapping about shit they like the way they like. This project about all that classic hip hop shit, bars about that fancy shit they like and bitches. You got the old school simple singing smooth hooks, the anthem type hooks and all the contrast from just alternating verses from everyone. Cookout the album. They all came with it. Show this project to every old head that still bumpin albums from the golden era. Its bonus if that old head is from NY. Album is easily in rotation.
7.6/10 – John D.
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