Half Tee Half Beast – Tee Grizzly

Half Tee Half Beast – Tee Grizzly


Half Tee Half Beast – Tee Grizzly
? 01. Half Tee Half Beast
? 02. By Myself
? 03. Loyalty
?? 04. Robbery Part 3
? 05. MilTroit Feat. (⛽️)Lakeyah
? 06. Afterlife
? 07. Buss It All Down
? 08. Oh Yea
? 09. Built 4 It
? 10. Your Grave
?? 11. Drop A Bag
?? 12. No Hook
? 13. I’m On Go
? 14. Hustlin
?? 15. Beat The Streets
? 16. G7
? 17. Whoop Feat. Baby Glizzley
Take a shot every time he says Cap or No Cap lol man this was young cat city. The generic side of new age that is very monotonous. A lot of these songs sounded the same as the last song (examples track 11 & 12). This was just very boring to listen to. It had some promise for a split second, but he lost all momentum and went back to the boring, generic sound that made me want to stop listening. Dude can’t hold down a full album on his own. Props to Lakeyah for having the best verse on the album as well as being featured on the best song on the project. Overall I’d skip this one.
4/10 – RecklessDWR


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