Heroes (Deluxe) – Daylyt & The Ichiban Don

Heroes (Deluxe) – Daylyt & The Ichiban Don


Heroes (Deluxe) – Daylyt & The Ichiban Don
?01. Crown (Intro)
?02. Heroes (Anthem of Champions) f. J.Anthny
?03. Amen f. Nick Grant
?04. The Big Bad Wolf
?05. Swerve f. Cozz
??06. Subject Matter f. Chevy Jones, Ill Camille & Tone P
??07. B.P.B. f. Punch
?08. TuBIG f. Andre Troutman
?09. Don Gogh and Dayvinci f. Saba Abraha
?10. Siegfried f. J.Anthny
?11. Black Star f. C. Watts & Zyah Belle
?12. Low
?13. Iron Mike Tyson f. Punch
?14. We Rose (Look up in the Sky)
?15. Dark Like Henny f. aroomfullofmirrors
?16. Mt. Olympus
Project is meh. Allot of unfinished things on this, like the 30 seconds of nothing end of track 3 or just the overall sound of it all sounds like sonically they removed all the pop. Everyones energy on here is spent, like they put it all on paper then when they hit the booth it was 4 am they just got they kid to go to bed and they have a shift coming up. Its all strange, the features too, all mashed together only a few stand out actually came to rap and sing the rest feel like favors. Daylyt brings lyricism but the delivery and all the effects just didn’t click, Ichiban just having a good time because he got Day on this but he doing what he does. All over, its also mad long. I couldn’t fully enjoy this one and I wanted to. Forgettable.
6/10 – John D.


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