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I M a M C R U 1 2 – KRS-One

I M a M C R U 1 2 – KRS-One
I M a M C R U 1 2 – KRS-One
🔥01. The Beginning
🚒02. Raw Hip Hop
👍🏾03. Krazy
🔥04. Can You Dance
🌊05. Achieving the Levels
🔥06. Knock Em Out
👎🏾07. Club Rippa
👍🏾08. Wet It Up
🔥09. Innocent f. SUN-ONE
🆗10. I M a M C R U 1 2
🌊11. Drop Another Break
🔥12. Nothing To Say
🌊13. Have To Wait f. SUN-ONE
🔥14. Think Bigger f. G Simone
Project is solid, if you ignore the highkey dad tryna stay hip skits on this one you have a solid project. Shout out to the teacher for sure but even the cool teachers had corny moments. You take those out and some of the weaker simple beats on here and you have a super dope project. Those being included tho this project still dope it just has moments that take you out of it considering most of these songs is 3 minutes plus sometimes 4. Not bad tho, he teaching, he talking that history, he shitting on vultures, paying homage all that shit we like while still keeping his style very much of the pioneer authentic and also putting his own twist to newer styles. Not mad at it at all, its dope seeing a pioneer/legend/goat still putting out that shit he love unapologetically. In rotation for sure.
7.9/10 – John D.
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