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Lyrics to Go Vol. 3 – Kota the Friend

Lyrics to Go Vol. 3 – Kota the Friend
Lyrics to Go Vol. 3 – Kota the Friend
🔥01. Scapegoat
🚒02. Twenty-nine
🔥03. Bitter
🚒04. Prodigal Son
🌊05. Breathe
🚒06. For Troubled Boys
💎07. Dear Fear
🌊08. Shame
🌊09. BOY
🌊10. Cherry Beach
Like track 5, this is a breath of fresh air. Like no skips & not a line wasted. Real expression without holding back the dark parts. This is real reflective; Felt like I was looking in the mirror but seeing Kota. Like where do I start? I enjoyed this from the moment it started to the very end and got sooo many relatable gems, stories, and not so talked about solutions for problems that only the black dating experience offers. This is a heart wrenched masterpiece. Only reason I won’t give it a ten is cause its definitely a “in the mood” listen so I someone isn’t gonna like the pacing or instrumental choice but to me that’s what makes this so different and worth the replay value; it’s not for everyone.
9.5/10 – T.R.3
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