BODR – Snoop Dogg

BODR – Snoop Dogg

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?01. Still Smokin
?02. Gun Smoke
?03. Coming Back f. Nefertitti Avani & October London
?04. Sandwich Bag
?05. Conflicted f. Nas
?06. Daddy f. Emo Trap
?07. Doggystylin
?08. Crip Your Enthusiasm
?09. Gotta Keep Pushing f. ?T.I. & Sleepy Brown
?10. House I Built
?11. Outside the Box f. Nate Dogg
?12. Jerseys In the Rafters f. The Game
?13. Pop Pop f. DaBaby
?14. Catch a Vibe f. HeyDeon
?15. It’s In the Air f. JANE HANDCOCK & Uncle Murda
?16. We Don’t Gotta Worry No More f. Wiz Khalifa
?17. Get This Dick f. October London & Lil Duval
?18. Snoopy Don’t Go f. October London
Project is a good time. Whole energy of an uncle reminding you he is that dude, you are broke, and gotta pay your dues to amount to a quarter of what he got. To add to that this uncle is putting you on game to stuff from his past and stuff in the present that you should feel like you know more than him. He brings in legends from the past and present, that west coast funk, some of that gospel type love, and that hardcore street stuff while still managing to talk that weed talk, stunt about investments crypto and the metaverse. Its hard to imagine a time without him being in existence truly, and it seems like as time goes on, there is literally nothing he cant do. Every beat on hear is nice, the mix makes everything BANG and you got all sorts of digestible raps from a familiar voice. Easily in rotation if you cant rock with this you highkey are a hater and hate your uncle.
8.5/10 – John D.


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