Bare Witness EP – Mob Dylan

Bare Witness EP – Mob Dylan

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?1. Lions In the Downtown
?2. Shabbadapp
?3. Bare Witness
?4. Pocket Full of What Not
?5. Stuntman
This is a very uniquely dope 5 piece. Every track is different, he rapping his ass off and there are so many treats and elements that add to the replay value. He switching flows, vibing, rah rah’ing all of that and its dope, comes across clean. The production over shines making this chemistry work. Then you have catchy quick hooks, some singing all of that its a good time. Shit that if you put it on people have to ask who it is because they most likely never heard something like it. First few seconds you think oh snap white rapper voice, but then seconds after that you realize this is a student who is putting out something he feels is fresh but you can also tell he rocks with Limp Bizkit heavy but also Cypress Hill, I just. know it. Easy replay, easily in rotation.
8/10 – John D.


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