Between The Lines – Valley TBA

Between The Lines – Valley TBA

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Between The Lines – Valley TBA

?01. Between the lines
?02. Modern Day Hell
?03. Nowhere
?04. Never Free
?05. Deep End
?06. Angels Touch (ft D Moons)
?07. Lie To Me
?08. What Would it Take (interlude)
?09. Read You
?10. Brighter Days
?11. Invincible
?12. Greatness
This project almost had something bruh was so close to decent but landed on bland corn flakes, there’s just not enough diversity of sound whole project sounds the same start to finish. Some songs have just a dash of sauce that makes them passable but most of it is just not engaging enough. Felt like I was nodding out off some Percy the whole time. Track 7 slid the most.
3/10 – JW


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