The N***a Experience – Henny Three Times

The N***a Experience – Henny Three Times

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The N***a Experience – Henny Three Times

?01. The Experience (Intro) f. Big Rube?
?02. Random Shoot Outs
?03. From da Gutta f. Ceez
?04. Caught up in da Streets f. All Dat Shawty
?05. Gwop Out f. Icy Mike Shawty
?06. Last Chance U
?07. Nothings Gonna Stop Me f. Slumm Lyfe & Mr. Blue
?08. 7 O’clock
?09. What Would You Do
?10. SouthSide f. Icy Mike Shawty
?11. Snow 3:16 f. Yodi Da Hustler
?12. Here I Am
?13. Smoke-A-Lot
?14. War on the World f. Poke Dog & Mr. Blue
?15. The Experience Outro
Project is dope. The message and subject matter is ? tier. Shit was hitting me. My biggest take away personally is his cadence and the features scream that they are wildly southern and that was making it tough for me to absolutely love but by all means this project better set the south on fire, if not, the people doing themselves a disservice. It took some real subject matter and bounced it around cleanly through different hip hop sub genres that worked for me. If you gonna put out some medicine with some food make sure them shits hitting in all categories. This is the perfect mix between listen to something to just vibe or really dive in and end up rocking a kufi with non prescription glasses. Anyone can get something out of this one, and real shit people need ones like this. Great body of work. In rotation.
8/10 – John D.


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