Young Sylvan EP. 1 – Sylvan LaCue

Young Sylvan EP. 1 – Sylvan LaCue

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Young Sylvan EP. 1 – Sylvan LaCue

?1. Young Sylvan Back
?2. First 48 f. Gary Biddy & Grandmaster Vic
?3. Clam Chowda
?4. M J f. Merlaku Ra
?5. Backseat 2012
This 5 piece came extra spicy and seasoned the fuck up. I rocked with this heavy he got like a crazy voice on some like Kendrick type pitch. He snaps, like he can fucking rap he mixing up flows, he mixing in content, he rap rapping just doing whatever he wants with his pen. The production was right there with him, switchups, lane changes and all that. Features were dope too but mostly they were invited to his cookout. All around dope front to back. All can be blasted at full volume anywhere and people would ask you who it is. In rotation.
8/10 – John D.


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