Dazed and Konfused – Kush Koma

Dazed and Konfused – Kush Koma

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Dazed and Konfused – Kush Koma

?01. LaLa Land
??02. Jumpin Ship
??03. Clockstoppers
?04. Codiene & Broken Hearts
?05. Disappear
?06. Get Something
??07. Oldies
?08. Smoke n Ride
?09. Smlvl100
??10. Real Love
I will start off saying this, the potential here is very high. They have all that they would need to be super dope, its just this project had too much going on at once. From the overproduction to the unnecessary chopping on the slower tracks at the end, the constant background noise it had allot that took away from what sounds like a dope project in the works. You got some solid raps and singing for sure, voices are clean its just when this all came together its a mess. I can see some resistance because there are elements that I can see people really rocking with but to me a lil more quality and solid voices on the executive production tip would’ve taken this far. Content fits the vibe, not to stress your brain or anything, for smokers and lovers all that faux mysterious shit. Overall tho, I cant see myself running this back ever again.
4/10 – John D.


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