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The Wrath – Frank Nitti

The Wrath – Frank Nitti


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The Wrath – Frank Nitti
👿1. Wrath f. Bri Cruz
🌊2. Cut You Off f. Handsome Hye
🔥3. Into My Life f. Peach Boog
🌊4. Floss f. Prince Perez
👍🏾5. Main One f. Blank Face
👍🏾6. Movie f. T-Time
🔥7. Slugger f. Tyrone Briggs & Chris Valentine
👎🏾8. My Own Way f. Drew York
🌊9. No Different PaverMix f. Flukey, Blank Face & Tyrone Briggs
Project is solid, this a dope. 9 piece with an emphasis on love in the making and having fun. I can hear the care behind it. You have a well rounded list of risks and sounds put together with solid pacing. Nitti can rap, he makes it very known on each track, the singing im not 100% sold on but I respect the effort. The features came through for the most part, especially Peach on track 3. Not every risk was a hit but they also weren’t bad, more promise than anything on here. The attempts show that next time around they will hit hopefully. To sum it up, this project has allot to loop for sure just a few weak moments and tracks sprinkled in it as well. In rotation for sure.
7/10 – John D.
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