Till the Wheels Fall Off – Yantz

Till the Wheels Fall Off – Yantz

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Till the Wheels Fall Off – Yantz

?01. On These Streets f. Jobi Locs & Young Swoop
??02. Understand Me f. Auggie
?03. We Run Dat
??04. Our Counties f. Yonko G
?05. Where I’m From f. ??Villain Brothers
?06. Don’t F**k With You f. Troublez & Lonely Boy
??07. From the Gutta f. Rico 2 Smoove & Sneaks
?08. Connected f. Loc
??09. Bout Dat f. Joedy Joe & Looney Loc
?10. With My Day 1’s f. Chubbz
?11. Turn Shit Up f. Rulie & Tito Locs
If you want 11 back to back variations of the Eddie Guerrero entrance music this project is for you. This got all the rushed raps and energy of a toddler when you put a microphone in front of them or they favorite song on. The obnoxiously aggressive basslines, the sound effects, all the San Andreas, Imagine being stuck in a loop where all you hear is the jingle that plays when you finish missions. The raps were highkey rushed an about the same shit, we get it, you are extremely official, get money and bitches, its tiring. Like this that type of shit that a gang leader would make and force his team to like because he’s the boss, on some Debo or Terry Crews from friday shit. Features drowned on here, the beats were too much, the raps were weak and rushed. This shit probably goes hard in his hood tho, not for me, ever.
0/10 – John D.


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