The Dark Album – Watzreal

The Dark Album – Watzreal

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Dark Album – Watzreal

??01. Hello Darkness
?02. Hopeful
??03. Dark Days f. Def-i & Cast
?04. Dark Shots f. Tanya Kelleher (Return To Mono))
??05. Dark Matter f. Danae Labrana
?06. Don’t Stop f. J.Lately & Frank Vencci
?07. Guarded f. Danae Labrana
??08. Let Me Shine
??09. Cope
?10. Love Is Light (Send Me)
??11. Everything
?12. Goodbye f. Danae Labrana
Project has ups and downs. Ups, dude can rap and makes a solid attempt at some real content as far as personal and even relevant to the times we are living in. Downs, the delivery, his delivery goes from smooth, to almost cartoonishly confident which can be good sometimes but is mostly bad. Features came on here and participated but no one really brought it any more light. Mix is super low like extremely low, about as low as voices come thru on netflix before the movie scores scare the shit out of you. Pacing is ok for the most part its just some things just come off a bit try hard and overconfident and it takes away from the messages. Honestly a solid executive producer to really nit pick on this one could’ve taken it a long way. Production overall was super dope tho. Gonna pass on this one tho.
4/10 – John D.


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