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Friends That Break Your Heart – James Blake

Friends That Break Your Heart – James Blake


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Friends That Break Your Heart – James Blake
🌊01. Famous Last Words
🔥02. Life Is Not The Same
🚒03. Coming Back f. SZA
🔥04. Funeral
🚒05. Frozen f. JID & SwaVay
🔥06. I’m So Blessed You’re Mine
👍🏾07. Foot Forward
🌊08. Show Me f. Monica Martin
🌊09. Say What You Will
🔥10. Lost Angel Nights
💎11. Friends That Break Your Heart
🌊12. If I’m Insecure
Project is beautiful sadness. He manages to capture the vibe of any oppressive black and white documentary. You have deep relatable content, extremely somber but catchy melodies, and him hitting all the ranges I wish I could hit from my car concerts to my shower encore’s. Tho he does set the tones and brings the energy I did love the contrast on here more than anything, and not saying what he’s doing isn’t great its just when that contrast came in, especially considering the talent he chose to feature, it really brought those songs to higher levels. It made me want to hear more and had me just listing people I would like to hear work with him. Pacing on this is dope too, you can tell it was made with so much pain and love. As much as I needed 1 or 2 more upbeat bops, I absolutely get why that did not happen. Project is amazing, could see it scoring movies or shows, enhancing nighttime drives, or hosting white folks that love being barefoot in public around fires. In rotation.
9.5/10 – John D.
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