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Long Term Effects of SUFFERING – $uicideboy$

Long Term Effects of SUFFERING –  $uicideboy$

Long Term Effects of SUFFERING – $uicideboy$

😴01. Degeneration in the Key of A Minor
👎🏿02. If Self-Destruction Was an Olympic Event, I’d Be Tonya Harding
🆗03. Life Is but a Stream~
😴04. 5 Grand at 8 to 1
🆗06. Lighting the Flames of My Own Personal Hell
🚮08. Bleach
🚛09. Forget It
👎🏿10. Avalon
🚮11. Materialism as a Means to an End
🆗12. Ugliest
🆗13. The Number You Have Dialed Is Not in Service
Compile your worse set of self sabotage affirmations with a hint of satanic seance, topped off with a sprinkle of repetitive yet talented cadences & melodies…..and you get this project in all it’s glory. Known for their horror-core like substance they continue to do what they do best I guess. I do feel this one lacks a hit song since the last album had a pretty big single it feels. But yea, not it for me.
2.5/10 T.R.3
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