The Next Episode – Nhale

The Next Episode – Nhale

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Next Episode – Nhale

?01. No Smoke f. ?Glasses Malone
?02. Let Her In
??03. Options
?04. I’m Gone
??05. Lil Hottie
?06. Ride Wit Me f. ?Larry June
??07. My Bitch
??08. Facts
?09. So Long
?10. Stickin 2 the Script
?11. Just Like That f. ?Kurupt & Maserati Jay
Project is a rough listen. You have all the dope, smooth, g funk beats and a few solid very solid features. Outside of that tho everything else falls very short, the quality shows there was some bread or at minimum a cosign behind this but where it falls flat is in the talent. Felt like an amateur got a hold of a dope foundation of music. Its a shame because this could’ve easily been super dope. I lowkey feel like “the kids of famous rappers cant put out dope music” should replace “battle rappers cant make albums”. Hot take. Either way this project was a whole lot of missed opportunities, like a game with dope graphics and story, but awful controls and glitches. Project aint it. Pass on it.
1/10 – John D.


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