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The Next Episode – Nhale

The Next Episode – Nhale


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The Next Episode – Nhale
😴01. No Smoke f. 🌊Glasses Malone
🆗02. Let Her In
👍🏾03. Options
💤04. I’m Gone
👎🏾05. Lil Hottie
💤06. Ride Wit Me f. 🌊Larry June
👎🏾07. My Bitch
👍🏾08. Facts
🗑09. So Long
💤10. Stickin 2 the Script
🗑11. Just Like That f. 🌊Kurupt & Maserati Jay
Project is a rough listen. You have all the dope, smooth, g funk beats and a few solid very solid features. Outside of that tho everything else falls very short, the quality shows there was some bread or at minimum a cosign behind this but where it falls flat is in the talent. Felt like an amateur got a hold of a dope foundation of music. Its a shame because this could’ve easily been super dope. I lowkey feel like “the kids of famous rappers cant put out dope music” should replace “battle rappers cant make albums”. Hot take. Either way this project was a whole lot of missed opportunities, like a game with dope graphics and story, but awful controls and glitches. Project aint it. Pass on it.
1/10 – John D.
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