The End of an Era – Iggy Azalea

The End of an Era – Iggy Azalea

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The End of an Era – Iggy Azalea

?01. Sirens
?02. Brazil
? 03. Pillow Fight
? 04. Emo Club Anthem
? 05. STFU
? 06. Iam The Stripclub
? 07. Nights Like This
? 08. Woke Up (Diamonds)
? 09. Is That Right (f. BIA)
? 10. XXXTRA
? 11. Peach Body
? 12. Sex on the Beach (f. Sophia Scott)
? 13. Good Times With Bad People
? 14. Day 3 in Miami (End of an Era)
This project asked me if I was gonna finish my Newport because it wanted the rest. This project showed up on the block with Four Loko’s in a baby phat jacket with the fur hood. This project said it was gonna fight a grown man in dirt & grass stained phat farm sneakers. This project uses the N-word among its white friends cause it once had a one sided convo with a black person so it thinks it can. This project dropped out of junior high and now works at Burger King with 3 warnings, probation, and a 4 year old kid. This project was ass. If she kept doing her little Nicki Minaj at the end maybe it would’ve been slightly better, but nah son..
.1/10 – D.


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