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Trust Fund Babies – Lil Wayne & RIch The Kid

Trust Fund Babies – Lil Wayne & RIch The Kid
Trust Fund Babies – Lil Wayne & RIch The Kid
🌊01. Feelin’ Like Tunechi
🔥02. Headlock (Rich really brought this one down)
🆗03. Trust Fund
💤04. Admit It
🌊05. Shh
🌊06. Big Boss
💤07. Still
🌊08. Bleedin’
👍🏾09. Buzzin f. YG
👎🏾10. Yeah Yeah
Project is like hanging out with that cool kid who has to bring his annoying ass little brother around. Wayne does more than what he is supposed to do, only thing he is faulted for is working with this clown to appeal to these stupid ass kids. Rich the kid, even tho tame on the squishy noises and effects shows zero penmanship but also in a simple sense like he doesnt even know how to have fun on a track or follow the more talented artist. Wayne goes off, hooks, verses all that weird shit he does right too. Production is solid and honestly should’ve easily gotten this a quick 8 but for every great group you have that one dude with the cowbell, these kids demand more of it. Pacing is ok, content is money, but the contrast here is night and day. Project should’ve easily been better.
6/10 – John D.

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