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Red Seats, Volume 2 EP – North Side Will

Red Seats, Volume 2 EP – North Side Will
Red Seats, Volume 2 – EP North Side Will
👎01. Greenlight (ft CpTheLegend)
🌊02. In The Wind (ft Tron Legend)
👍03. Slide Thru
🔥04. Dimensions
👍05. Vengeance (ft Anotherworld El Bey)
Ok this requires a small track breakdown
1- chorus sounds like you are reading it off the palm of your hand, and the features verse is him just rushing through his verse like it’s a sprint I guess the auto tune is a nice touch
2- much better swaggin a little more sounds much smoother, y’all did your thing here
3- tracks smooth but starts to get a little repetitive about half way through still a stronger track then the opening track
4- track is dope but it’s missing something needs a little more Sazon or something saving grace was a dope beat and the track was short
5- started getting that reading directly from your notes feeling again I feel like if both y’all re-recorded this a couple more times it woulda sounded a little less uncomfortable or clunky when delivering the verses
6.5/10 – JW

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