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The Internet Made Me – ForeignCanti

The Internet Made Me – ForeignCanti
The Internet Made Me – ForeignCanti
🌊1. Coming Home
🌊2. Euphoria
🌊3. Up
🔥4. Trauma
🌊5. #Mood (did you copy tik tok homie?)
🔥6. OTW Freestyle
🔥7. No More Peace
Project is a good time. Its a very quick 7 piece with all the fixins, like a classic chinese spot chicken wings with french fries, hot sauce and ketchup shaken up for those who know. I rocked with it, the fact that every song is damn near under 2 minutes and all sound the right amount of different makes it. The subject matter is quick and swift, he got a dope voice, can rap too, only critique is for the first few songs it left you wanting a bit more switchups but either way each song worked. It ended super strong too, production mix and such all worked. The shortness made up for the lack of contrast so it didn’t need features or anything. This was super dope, more artists need to drop heat checks like this, lets cut all that 20 song album shit out. In rotation.
7.8/10 – John D.

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