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97′ Demo – Summer Blanco

97′ Demo – Summer Blanco
97′ Demo – Summer Blanco
💬 01. SIDE A (intro)
🆗 02. KDSD 97.1 f. Meatz
🆗 03. Swing My Way
💬 04. The Dilemma (skit)
👍🏿 05. Nights Like This
🆗 06. Power
🌊 07. Table Top Cypher f. John D. Contradiction,
AP Psycho, Spam Musubi
💤 08. Pink Ranger
💬 09. Different Tides (skit)
👍🏿 10. Collateral Damage
🌊 11. Father’s Day f. AP Psycho
💬 12. July 27th 4:43pm
💬 13. SIDE B
👎🏿 14. Bullet Bill
👍🏿 15. Shotcallers
🆗 16. Midnight Casanova
🌊 17. Give Me Death
💬 18. The Last Ride (skit)
🆗 19. 4 Tha Homies
🆗 20. Got It Like How?
💬 21. June 7th 8:32am
Let’s talk boxing since that’s what it felt like listening to this project. While the beat selection was Heavyweight, the bars/flows were Lightweight with Featherweight hooks for the most part. The verses were personal & actually worth it after bobbing & weaving those hooks. The cypher was the best moment, but definitely had a couple more interesting vibes to say the least. Features really added some variety to the flows cause it gets slightly stale in that department after a while. Even though I understand the direction of it being a 2 part project, still was long af, yet the 2nd part was actually better to me. Overall it was pretty cringe with a couple of “I see what your did there” moments. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy how personal it was but there’s nothing here I’d personally come back to except Father’s Day when it’s that time of year.
3/10 – T.R.3

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