TBH – Bri Steves

TBH – Bri Steves


TBH – Bri Steves
? 01. Too Far
? 02. GAF f. Guapdad 4000
?? 03. Til It’s Gone
? 04. Sober
?? 06. Switch Sides
?? 07. Jealousy
? 08. Stick Up f. Poundside Pop
?? 09. Like You Should f. Symba
Quite refreshing hearing a female spit authentically without packaging it with sexuality. I enjoyed this all the way through even if a couple tracks weren’t my taste sonically cause it all sounded very cohesive. It’s the honesty for me & if this is leading us into an album, I’m definitely excited to see where she’s gonna take it. She kept the features to a minimum & I feel that was the best decision for this project cause she honestly didn’t need them cause the bigger tracks to me are the standalones yet the features weren’t bad at all. I like the simple yet well produced beats allowing her to do more vocally. I didn’t like the usage of reusing old song hooks to complete the ideas cause you can tell she got original hooks that are just as dope. Lastly, coulda left that Ye sample alone though, no cap. ANTI QUEEN & Sober are definitely something I’ll throw in rotation.
7/10 – T.R.3


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