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GlitchGang – Dropout Kings

GlitchGang – Dropout Kings
GlitchGang – Dropout Kings
🌊1. PitUp
🔥2. GlitchGang
🌊3. Virus f. Shayley Bourget
🌊4. Devil’sPlayground f. Eliza Grace
🔥5. Hakai
🌊6. Slo
🌊7. I Ain’t Depressed f. Hacktivist
Project is solid. This is like if linkin park coming out during the new age rap era rather than the numetal era. You have a light blend of some hooks by a dude that clearly sounds like chester, then you have this other guy on here lowkey saucing via raps, then you have a more screamo vocal on here, I don’t know who is who or if its one guy but this how I hear it. Not bad, some songs are a bit long and don’t switchup enough but its good background music especially if you a gaming or slightly edgy enough. torock a band t shirt in school but not all that other black or spiked shit. Pacing solid, features were cool, I just need a bit more full ignorance on the sauce side or even the heavy side to really put me on board. Not bad tho, in rotation.
7/10 – John D.
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