6Locks – Khan & Brycon

6Locks – Khan & Brycon


6Locks – Khan & Brycon
?01. 6 L O C K S (Skit)
?02. S-Key
?03. Sleep Deprived
?04. Second Shift
?05. First Hits Free
?06. Found It in the Back (Skit)
?07. Not Too Late
?08. Apartment 5 (Skit)
?09. Everyday Good f. Nexus the Mellow Mexica
?10. That Should Do It (Outro)
Project is solid. Sometimes homies raps come off a lil bit stiff but its not bad. He is talking nice too the content is here. He doesn’t mix up the flow much at all but it works and the production takes it home every song. The skits were cool too but I don’t think they were necessary. Pacing is solid, and the project is a really short quick listen so you can re run it a few times. A lil bit of flair to his flow and rhyme pattern and this duo can reach new heights, he already has the content and voice for it and the production is up there. In rotation.
7/10 – John D.


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