Mind of a Wicked Goon – Young Iggz

Mind of a Wicked Goon – Young Iggz


Mind of a Wicked Goon – Young Iggz
?1. Intro
??2. Bout a Drill
?3. All On My Own
?4. In the Streets
??5. Lowkey
?6. Up Now
??7. So Long
??8. Actin’ Out f. Young Lash
?9. Wrong One
Project aint it. Its not even that its like bad bad. The production solid, the mix solid its just this so unoriginal I cant even think of an original joke to make towards its. Listening to it all I can think was man this guy really put out this out in order to go for the mainstream and literally copied every single mainstream thing to do in the booth, like zero seasoning, at all. Like this is as clone rap as it gets, to the point where its not even fun, or interesting. Someone could put this on and not only would no one ask who it is, the artist can change and you wouldnt be able to tell the difference between other mainstream fodder. Even his feature sounded similar. Like ok you can make music but can you make the music yours? who knows. Project is like an uncrustable, its lazy and overpriced when you coulda just made a peanut butter jelly sandwich at home and cut the crust yourself.
4/10 – John D.


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