Messiah – Jahdel Ducats

Messiah – Jahdel Ducats


Messiah – Jahdel Ducats
?01. Nunn to lose
?02. Die for $,$$$,$$$,$$$
?03. Worth
?04. Dffrnt L8L33
?05. Mans Greatest Challenge (interlude)
?06. Jealousy
??07. I Am Us (feature was a bit much)
?08. Eternal
?09. RAmemBuh
??10. 1 day
??11. REM State
Project aint it. It hurts because it has all the ingredients to win. Its like when someone on chopped has a strong plate but the chicken is raw, or they forgot one main ingredient so they automatically lose. The fact he can rap, and can string together a melody and also tries to get his sing on often for better or worse makes you want to root for him but I think the mix did not do him justice. Production choice is a solid mix of hip hop sub genres, the message and content is deep and insightful and the pacing is solid story wise. The mix couldve used so much love to make this dope especially with some of the features but unfortunately thats what takes away from this. As the goat Gordon Ramsay would say when he tries trash at a promising restaurant, “Tragic”. Pass on this sadly.
4/10 – John D.


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