Still Stockton – Thre4t

Still Stockton – Thre4t


Still Stockton – Thre4t
??01. Troublesome (feat. Sneako, Lil Capone & Icee)(remix)
?02. Who U Run Wit (feat. Rico2smoove & Gunplay Tone)
?03. Ready 4 War (feat. Lil Capone, R5K & Lazy-Boy)
??04. Stockton (feat. Gunplay Tone)
?05. Xpensive (feat. June & SnowyFlows)
?06. No Chase (feat. R5K)
?07. Where They At (feat. Lil Capone)
?08. Hate You (feat. R5K & Lazy-Boy)
?09. Change Up (feat. R5K, Daddex & Nbmel)
?10. Krazy
?11. J-Katt (feat. R5K & Lil Capone)
?12. Lil Homie
?13. Talk To God (feat. R5K)
?14. Back N Da Day
?15. Bowdown (feat. Big Rome)
?16. Chopstix (feat. Suspect)
This was super painful to listen to. Like I rather beat my head against a wall then listen to another song from this dude. The pacing was horrendous the beats were generic LA 90s era with the new school twist. Why are there so many features? Did all your homies have to be on this album? Dude rap like he’s trying to be better than blueface. If you ever see this on iTunes hit the dislike button and hard pass on this dumpster fire
0/10 – LP


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