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Things Fall Apart – Trajik1

Things Fall Apart – Trajik1
Things Fall Apart – Trajik1
😴01. Bandwagon (ft. Reckless & Rob Payne)
👎02. Family Always (ft. Reckless)
👎03. Run That (ft. Shadow & X.O. Creep)
👍04. No Loyalty (ft. Mr. Kee)
👍05. Throw It Up (ft. Beeda Weeda)
🌊06. Too Late (ft. Smigg Dirtee, San Quinn & Michael Marshall)
🆗07. Money Dreams (ft. Big Tone, Rob Payne & 😴 Antonio Del Sol)
👎08. DJ Saved My Life
🌊09. Time Flies (ft. Glowrious & 1 a.M.)
👍10. Borracho (ft. Joseph Save & Reckless)
👎11. Cruisin’ (ft. Rob Payne & Antonio Del Sol)
😴12. Get Away (ft. 🌊 Glowrious & Rob Payne)
🌊13. Cherry
👍14. Losin’ My Mind
🎬15. Luck (Outro)
For starters, this project was too long. It probably wouldn’t have sounded as long if the pacing, mixing and structure was properly put together, but it’s flaws are what made the length of it stand out. The quality wasn’t where it needed to be, and a lot of the features hurt tracks more than they helped them. Everybody brought simplistic rhyme patterns & lyrics which came off as inexperienced writing. It sounded as if most of the artists on this project except for the main artist just started rapping a couple of months ago, and it didn’t help. Even the main artist came off that way at times. I do respect some of the song topics though and the effort that was put into emphasizing on them. That’s what shined through at times.
5/10 – D.
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