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Therapy Session – S Da Don

Therapy Session – S Da Don
Therapy Session – S Da Don
👍🏾01. Above The Sky (Intro)
👥02. Intro (Skit) f. Bella Rose
🌊03. I Need Your Help
🆗04. She’s Cold f. Brooklyn Echo & A Vocalsz
🌊05. Couple’s Therapy f. Shyy Money & Bliss Alley
💤06. What You Want f. 👎🏾Deshaun Sutton
👥07. Voices (Skit)
🔥08. Vocies
😴09. Niggas Be Lying f. Yung Beazy
😴10. Black &nd White f. Angeline Sol
🌊11. Couple’s Therapy f. Shyy Money & Bliss Alley
👥12. Hello (Skit)
🌊13. Hello
🌊14. Sorry f. Logan
🆗15. Successful f. Lady Jade
👥16. Successful (Skit) f. Bella Rose
Project has a whole lot going on. 1. its only accessible on this site, I get it get your money but understand people are weird with where they listen to music. 2. It says priceless under every song, is that you? that makes things confusing more so on our end. 3. track 5 and 11 are the same and it threw off the pacing. I did like the content and the story that was in this but the delivery wasnt fully there for me. Some songs were overproduced, too long, or known samples and beats werent given justice, features kinda being duds sometimes and this dude had moments where his delivery felt force. Overall he had a cool voice but this felt like an idea that was overbaked for sure. I didnt love it but I didnt hate it.
5/10 – John D.
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